1. III
1) defeat smb. defeat one's opponent (the enemy, an army, etc.) побелеть /разбить/ своих противников и т. д., нанести поражение своим противникам и т. д.
2) defeat smth. defeat smb.'s plans (her scheme, his intentions, our endeavours, one's object, etc.) сорвать чьи-л. планы и т. д., помещать осуществлению чьих-л. планов и т. д.; defeat one's own purpose /one's own ends/ вредить самому себе
2. IV
defeat smb. in some manner defeat smb. utterly (totally, overwhelmingly, crushingly, gloriously, etc.) окончательно и т. д. разбить /победить/ кого-л.
3. XI
1) be defeated they were defeated они были разбиты, их победили; she is not easily defeated над ней не так легко взять верх; be defeated in smth. be defeated in battle through having no reinforcement проиграть сражение из-за того, что не подошло подкрепление: be defeated through /because of, in consequence of/ smth. be defeated through lack of courage (because of delay, in consequence of bad planning, etc.) (потерпеть поражение из-за трусости и т. ri.; be defeated by smth. be defeated by majority (by 260 votes against 211, etc.) не получить большинства [голосов] и т. д.
2) be defeated my hopes were defeated мои надежды рухнули /не оправдались/; be defeated in smth. I was defeated in my purpose я не смог добиться своей цели; we were defeated in our scheme нашим планам не суждено было осуществиться
4. XXI1
defeat smb. in smth. defeat the enemy in battle побеждать врага в бой; defeat smb. in a game (this team in basketball, another school at football, smb. in a prize-fight, etc.) выигрывать у кого-л. какую-л. игру и т. д., побеждать кого-л. в каких-л. соревнованиях и т. д., defeat smb. in an election побеждать кого-л. да выборах; defeat smb. by smth. defeat smb. by an overwhelming (a small) majority победить кого-л. подавляющим (незначительным) большинством [голосов]

English-Russian dictionary of verb phrases. 2013.

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